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In was diagnosed with lung cancer 7 years ago, I was 34 at that time. it goes without saying that the diagnosis turned out to be a huge shock for me. I even developed depression and it was so severe that my family started thinking about getting some antidepressant treatment for me before managing the cancer. They were afraid that I could have suicidal thoughts. However when I got to know other people with the same diagnosis and when I started communicating with them I understood that life goes on and I should struggle for it. I managed to overcome the depression but it took me a year and a half to learn how to live with the diagnosis and learn to think positively in spite of everything. So about 5 years ago I went to an oncologist and we started developing a treatment plan for me. I had undergone dozens of tests and screenings, numerous medical procedures and medicamental treatments. Then I was prescribed with chemotherapy and to make the effect of the procedures more obvious and the side effects less painful, my doctor out me on Etoposide - cancer medication that keeps me alive in all senses. This drug is an effective solution when it comes to chemotherapy, it helps achieve better results. I am sure about what I am saying as my tests show that the treatment I get not only helps slow down cancer growth, but also brings positive dynamics to me. I hope Etoposide keeps being effective and I will achieve still better results in my cancer treatment.

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I am 50 years now and 10 years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Even though I have always been a heavy smoker, I think it is unfair as there are many people smoking more than me and being older than me and they have no cancer. Then why am I so unlucky? This question was the only thing I could think about for long weeks after the diagnosis was made. I puzzled doctors with this question, I went to the church to ask this question, I compared my lifestyle to other lung cancer sufferers. I spent a lot of time on such denial before I understood that there is no sense in asking this question. What I had to do was treatment. No i am in the middle of my chemotherapy course and I tale Etoposide to make the therapy more effective and less problematic. Indeed, Etoposide boosts the positive results from chemotherapy and helps avoid many side effects. I am pleased with the results and I hope this is not the top performance of the medication and I will see the most of the dynamics soon.

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global physique representing over 4 million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. Although no two programs are precisely the same, most require that the applicant full an software kind. The amount of data required varies. Some applications require detailed medical and monetary data, others very little. All require a doctor's signature. Sure applications require the physician complete a portion of the shape while others only want a signed prescription. Most send the medicines to the physician's workplace for distribution to the patients, whereas others send the drugs to a pharmacy. A number of send a certificates to the patient to present to the pharmacist. Some patients want drugs for a long time. Most, however not all applications that cowl medicines used to treat continual diseases offer refills.
Georgia's Medicaid program spent $1,136,007,007 on prescribed drugs in FY 2004 - a 900 p.c improve over the last decade. The DCH's participation within the CMS Medicaid rebate program saved the state greater than $260,695,592 in FY2004.



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